Some times people face obstacles to healing.


Obstacles may be the results of unrealized infections, toxic molds, heavy metals, hormone imbalances, nutritional deficits etc.

Some people make gains with the Chrysalis regardless of these kinds of obstacles, and they move forward in life.  As an added bonus, often times moving forward includes the inclination, due to an easier sense being, to making  healthier choices.  Sometimes though,  the obstacles can keep the gains from fully taking root and sessions may  need to continue awhile longer than may be expected.  (The "Home" Chrysalis may be beneficial to keep the continuity of treatment.)

A few years ago I worked with a gentleman whose brain  seemed to have become altered by the Ambien he had become addicted to over a number of years.  Working with the LENS helped him with everything, but the very thing he wanted most: the ability to sleep.  It was sad and frustrating for both of us. 


My efforts to help him yielded a deeper understanding of what and how to help those who are in general "tougher" to reach, as the gains he did make required them.  My more recent work with the Chrysalis, gives me pause to wonder, whether it just may be the key that would unlock his blockage.


I have found tremendous value from returning to more wholesome choices about what we consume and what's in our environments..  I  offer you these additional thoughts to consider, in support of your progress and health.

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Special thanks to Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent  for their wonderful whimsical sculptures in Sebastopol.

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