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So often people get injured

and don't remember,

or think it doesn't matter,

or don't know where to find help.

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is being

able to see

that there is light despite all of the darkness.


Desmond Tutu

Our brain's attempt to protect themselves from further damage by cordoning off parts of itself.  When the whole brain isn't accessible to make all its connections, how we feel and what we used to be able to do, become compromised.  When that happens,

  • we don't think as clearly;

  • we don't remember as well;

  • we don't have the energy or organization we used to have and so desperately want;

  • we become fearful, or anxious, or depressed (or perhaps all of those);

  • and worst of all, we don't feel safe or good about ourselves.​


and life feels like an endless stream of challenges... 


The Chrysalis is a type of feedback, that enables the brain to ease out of its stuck places.  If you feel stuck, more likely than not, you can get unstuck.   Read more

As a psychologist, I created my first LENS system for my own patients over 30 years ago.  They had felt stuck and I wanted to help them get moving.   


Prior to creating my own system, I had worked with traditional neurofeedback systems for 15 years.  Patients found operant conditioning systems arduous and their progress too  slow.   I came to see the operant conditioning paradigm as misguided in its understanding of what the brain needs and the approach used in an effort to help. 


The brain doesn't need training.  The brain already has what it needs to learn and process.  In fact, we are inherently hungry to learn and be productive in our lives.  So when we become compromised and can't, life is exhausting and incredibly frustrating.


When a brain doesn't function well, it needs the opportunity to function again. The brain needs help to get out of its own way, just as traffic can't flow well when there's been an obstructive accident, until the car wreck is cleared.  Even if all the lanes aren't blocked, traffic still becomes compromised, just as it does when a police officer pulls someone over.  And it won't resolve the traffic slow down by  teaching the involved drivers, how to drive better or what the rules of the road are.  


The brain is no different.  When our brain can't do what it needs to do, we adapt.  While adapting has multiple connotations, such as adapting by being flexible, which promotes life, and is useful. Some adaptations are self protective such as when we shut down parts of ourselves or avoid tasks because we can't do them or can't do them well.  We feel less than and frustrated. The protective shutdowns don't feel good.  They aren't life enhancing.  They're oriented toward survival.  (People referred to as lazy, are likely harder working then most.  When people are compromised, its much harder to do what others can do easily.)

So what to do to become freed up from the road blocks?


As you may have imagined, the system I devised works from a different point of view; it enables the brain to wake up, self-heal, reorganize itself and become mobilized; in a sense, it facilitate the person becoming more functional.  And, it does so, without effort from the client, who often feels some relief from the first  sessions. 


When the brain is free of obstacles, there's better connectivity, better oxygenation, better flow of nutrients and waste and all the other inter dependencies of physiology including hormones, enzymes and neurotransmitters.  Better flow paves the way to higher functioning.


Our brains are meant to function with fluidity and adapt to what comes our way.  Beneficial adaptability means being agile and open, and able to think clearly.  It doesn't mean being in a state of compromise from being compressed.


When we're compromised, we limp along, 

holding ourselves together,

just so we can get by.

That is what happens to the animals living in factories. 


I have helped thousands of people that other practitioners and other modalities were unable to help.  Too many people fall through the system because of the many unknowns yet to be understood by science. 


People  often come to me as a last resort and are amazed at how little it takes to get their life back.

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Why with Len's extensive knowledge,

history, expertise and skill 

is he calling himself a Life Coach?

Why indeed...

Len's licence is in "suspended" mode.

What does it mean?  What led to the suspension? 


During Len's years struggling with Lyme disease, his license lapsed.  He paid the late fee but was subsequently called in to discuss his license with the Board.  He was still struggling with Lyme when they met - it was 2008. 

The Board did not think Lyme was a credible diagnosis; they didn't believe it was a real disease.  They suspended his license on the grounds that he was “practicing” without a license.  Their proof came from his old business cards that were still in his wallet.  (The business cards said:  Psychologist)


To the board, Len's decades of licensure in 5 states didn't seem to amount to anything extraordinary, though very few psychologists are ever been licensed in more than one state.  


The board held the power, and spending

tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees didn't hold much appeal.


Since that time, Len came to think of himself as a NeuroPsychoPhysiologist.  

His extensive background, knowledge, insights and experience

bring  these fields together in his work with clients and

in his unique feedback systems.

 Dr. Len OchsPrivate Practice  - 707.396.3598

While this website contains information not generally known, all of it has been acquired over my lifetime.  I am required to state however, none of this information is for treatment or diagnosis of any medical or psychiatric purpose.  It is provided for entertainment only.

Special thanks to Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent  for their wonderful whimsical sculptures in Sebastopol.

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