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Dr. Len Ochs'


4th Generation Infrared Device


are the powerhouses of our cells. 

When the mitochondria are energized,

cell activity is stimulated, and

natural healing activity is potentiated.  

Just as sunshine on the skin stimulates the body to make vitamin D, Photonic stimulators activate the mitochondria to increase cell activity.  Some  photonic stimulator devices are more effective than others. 


 The Mito is




My new photonic stimulator, the Mito, is made from the most modern technology and is simply more efficient.

  • The Mito is quiet,

  • comfortable to hold and position,

  • more deeply effective,

  • effects occur in much less time,

  • all at a fraction of the cost.

We have intentionally produced the Mito, with the most essential components to provide its users  with superior efficacy and comfort.  In doing so, it has allowed us to keep costs down, make it accessible to more people and provide its owners with a substantial bang for their buck.


  • The Mito has been found as effective as units in the $10,000+ price range, save the fancy housing.


  • The Mito effect comes in a quiet, easy to hold and position device, which can be handheld or mounted.


  • The Mito is priced at significantly less than a 1/10th the cost of those fancy devices.

The wand of the Mito is strong yet light, and the handle fits easily in one's hand. For optimized positioning, the bulb pivots in an arc of angles,  (For those that prefer to have a mounted device, the wand can be easily detached.)

The Mito's infrared bulb can be placed right on the skin; there’s no cooling issues to be concerned with, so no noisy fan.  We've not only been experiencing amazing results (even from just a few seconds of use), others we hear from have been too.  While some people have told us about their experiences, others have written about them.  They have been posted on the Uses Shared page.

What can it do for you?

Practitioners have seen clinical effects of what physicians may diagnose as bites, cuts and scrapes, to burns (including radiation), poison oak blisters, swelling, sprains and strains, inflammation and open wounds. These observations are the results of use and experimentation, and not claims that have been supported by the FDA. 


With skin, the Mito is being used for most everything where some added healing energy will be useful, whether wounds, anomalies  or puffiness.


With joints and sore muscles pain, its also seen to be effective with spasms and inflammation, creating a quieting effect of the symptoms,


The nervous system too is experienced to benefit from a calming effect, particularly when moved over the finger and/or toe tips and their nail beds for a few brief seconds.  

Although we've experienced or been told of these benefits, it's important to recognize, as similar as we are to one another, we are also each unique, and our physiology is in a constant state of flux.  These are characteristics worthy of respect. 

Some examples:


While some people may swell only mildly from a bee sting, others may swell dramatically.  As with anything, people find answers in different ways; we can only mildly compare ourselves to others. 

Some people, using the light for a couple minutes on a sore muscle before bed, may find the soreness gone the next morning; in fact, they may forget they even had the soreness until asked how it feels.


For others, 10 minutes on a deep muscle, may take the soreness away by the time they feel finished (using the light). 


Our manual provides guidelines.  However its always best to use ones's own judgment. 


Users have discovered

many uses by exploring with the Mito.

We say:  do so sensibly.


(The Mito is a wellness product and not a health product.  It’s not for diagnosis and treatment of any medical condition and has not been reviewed by the FDA.)

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