Life Coach: fear, anxiety, depression, cognitive challenges, trauma/PTSD, family and marital issues, addictions, head injuries, pain, concentration, irritability, headaches, migraines, seizures, stroke, and more.


For over 40 years, Dr. Len Ochs was a Clinical Psychologist, simultaneously licensed in 5 states.  His field of study was broader than most with a double track through both his Master’s and Doctoral programs of:  Cognitive Behavioral, Psycho Dynamic and Social Psychology. 


His  field of studies have also included physiological psychology, neurobiology, neurophysiology, information theory, and speech & hearing.  Throughout his professional career, his studies have continued; they  encompass bio and neurofeedback, the human vasculature system, nutrition, and their physiological impacts on the brain.   He’s worked in private practice and with Psychiatrists, including Dr. Daniel Amen.  


Dr. Ochs is particularly skilled at

transcending the labels slapped upon people, 

and recognizes the essence of what’s beneath them.


As an adjunct to his life coaching, Dr. Ochs offers treatment with his newest feedback system, the Chrysalis; it helps to quiet the noise in one’s heads.  People generally feel a sense of relief, more relaxed and able to hear themselves think, after just a few seconds.  He’s masterful at tuning into each person's uniqueness.


Dr. Ochs' Feedback System Background

The Chrysalis was created by Dr. Ochs - his 4th generation feedback system.  His unique paradigm was first developed in the 1980s, and named the Flexyx; it later became the LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System). 


Each of his feedback systems are rooted in the same proprietary paradigm of softening the grip of what keeps an individual stuck.  This enables people to move through their challenges more quickly than either standard neurofeedback, EMDR or talk therapy alone can provide. 


When the field of Neurofeedback began to emerge in the 1980s, Dr. Ochs joined in.  He had already been part of the biofeedback field for 15 years.  Neurofeedback was considered the next grand step for helping clients with cognitive and emotional challenges.   


Prior to developing his unique system, Dr. Ochs first spent years working with and getting to know operant conditioning (which is the process used by standard neurofeedback).   He realized that a person's "functional" challenges may not be directly related to the area in the brain "defined" as that functional area.  That area  may not be the source of the dysfunction(s).   

Generally when there's a traffic jam on the freeway, it isn't likely to be the fault of the driver directly in front of us; it's more likely due to an accident (or an officer giving out a ticket) somewhere ahead that's disrupted and blocking the free flow of traffic.


In this same context, Dr. Ochs developed a feedback system paradigm which enables blood to flow as its designed to.  Proper blood flow supports the whole of our physiology (including the brain).


In the mid '80s, Dr. Ochs founded the ISNR (International Society for Neurofeedback and Research) with two of his colleagues who shared the goal of promoting innovation in the field.  Instead of innovations,  the field has become heavily ladened with  operant conditioning systems making use of modern technology to provide flashy displays that attract both buyers of their systems and patients who seek help. The flashiness obscures their redundancy and confuses people about what they are choosing.  (He's still hopeful innovators will come along.)

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