All truth

passes through three stages.


it is ridiculed.


it is violently opposed.



it is accepted

as being



Arthur Schopenhauer


How does


Work ?


My theories of the Chrysalis

(and the prior LENS versions),

are rooted in my clinical experience of patients

noticing vascular changes in their heads and bodies.

CNS changes occur

even when the sensors

are NOT placed on the head;  


pain vanishes when sensors 

are placed either on or off the head; 


anxieties dissipate

 and cognitive issues improved

 when feedback sensors are off the head.

Pondering these unexpected results

has led me to my theories.

Decades of these types of clinical observations have led me to the conclusion:  the vasculature is impacted first, which impacts the neurons and glia, and the other systems of the physiology. 

Most of the focus in the health and medical related fields are entrenched in functional physiology to explain the systems of our bodies.  Yet functional physiology does not addresses our wholeness.  Rarely does a modality address the interrelated  aspects of  our being and bodies, let alone our  life force or the bombardment upon us of external energy forms. 


In recent years, attention has been given to the effects of stress on the body.  Nutrition, exercise and meditation may be suggested.  Some people find their way from that magical threesome.  Others need more to help their system re-regulate what's gotten stuck.

My feedback systems focus on enabling the repair of physiology.

The concept of repair is fundamentally distinct

in the feedback field where the focus

on functional anatomy and

what should be happening.


When the brain is hurt or parts are cordoned off from the rest, and its unable to do its work, its in need of repair, not demands. Likewise when other systems of the physiology are stuck, disconnected and not communicating well, they need to repair. 


The area(s) that become stuck need to become unstuck; they need to be eased off the tracks of their well worn habituated grooves that hold the status quo in place. 

My feedback does exactly that. 

The door to possibilities open and

the systems that have been challenged are relieved

of their chronic dysfunctions.


People can find their way when the road blocks are cleared. Like the traffic that begins to flow again after an accident is cleared off the freeway.  You can't tell a driver to get going, when there's no place to go.  just as when people are deeply effected by head injuries and other traumas, they can't pop out of their dysfunctions and get on with it, any more  than a family member separated by the Berlin Wall could have climbed over it to rejoin their family.

Fundamentally, the Chrysalis

is being found to have

quieting as well as expansive effects.

The quiet enables people to heal and expand.

- the following have been observed by me,

reported by another practitioner or

claimed by a client -


  • anxiety melted away, face muscles relaxed, jaw muscles relaxed, range of motion increased, mood lightened, voice became more resonant

  • people report sleeping more deeply, waking more easily, cognitively feeling clearer, being more aware of themselves and the world around them, of having a sharper focus and more sustained concentration.  They also feel lighter, bounce back more easily from upsets and don't become destabilized by them. 


  • in a more personal context, they have gained a deeper connection to themselves, an expansion of their consciousness and experience more compassion for themselves and others.

  • physically, people report feeling warmer, an ease of joint pains, increased range of motion, and reduced pain in general, 

Intuition value - Einstein quote
inspired ocean sunset

Every person

takes the limits

of their own

field of vision

for the limits

of the world.


Arthur Schopenhauer

country road between trees

The only source

of knowledge

is experience

Albert Einstein

The truth

of a theory

is in your


not in your


Albert Einstein

inspirational bird soaring
awe inspiring clouds

Often, there are surprises... 

Old pain can slip away, aggravating things may no longer aggravate, obsessive tenancies can cease to obsess, abilities and capacities may continue to  increase. 


With these seemly miraculous occurrences, an openness for them, and a willingness to adapt into them, helps them to be realized. 

For some folks, identities are wrapped around how they function, what they feel, and what they think.  The lines of how we are and have been, soften when the door to our essence opens.  To those interested in evolving, in expanding, in becoming more, the Chrysalis is a gift. 


It is not suitable for the faint of heart, highly reactive or rigidly dug-in folks.  They are more likely to get scared when the lines of how they've been living soften, as the noise in their heads quiets.  Some folks depend on  the noise to guide their actions and decisions.  When they are entrenched in emotional survival, of holding it together, the noise may be their anchor and motivator to do what they "have to".  Being in this kind of survival mode tends to exclude the openness and curiosity of personal evolution.   

In healing, some have experienced the whispers of old illnesses and injuries that haven't fully resolved.  This has been seen to percolate before easing away as if their system brought the old forth to finish the healing.

For some folks, challenges and dysfunctions have been with them as far back as they can remember. For others, their challenges began with an accident or trauma decades prior.  I am constantly awed and humbled by what I watch unfold with the people who come to me for help.