"the new Generation"

A much anticipated, and long overdue book about the LENS and its next generation, 

the Chrysalis

People need to know that help is available.


Breaking Free (from the LENS to the Chrysalis) explains what they are, what's different about them from Operant Conditioning neurofeedback systems, what makes them special and Dr. Ochs' theories about how they work, including the effect on damaged physiology, that prevents us from living and functioning as fully as we could. 


Experiential contributions from other Practitioners, colleagues, clients, spouses and parents, comprise Part I to provide the reader with a tangible feel of how the effects of these systems manifest in people's lives.


The contributions describe the changes that were experienced and/or witnessed by those close to the person who received treatment.  Some Practitioners share about what drove them to include the LENS in their practices and about some of the clients who came to them for treatment. 

While this website contains information not generally known, all of it has been acquired over my lifetime.  I am required however, to state none of this information is for treatment or diagnosis of any medical or psychiatric purpose.  It is provided for entertainment only.

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Special thanks to Sabrina Braun 

for her Chrysalis and butterfly photos, 

& to Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent  for their wonderful whimsical

sculptures in Sebastopol.

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