has a lot of

different faces

It can constrict us

keep us from thinking clearly,

make us fearful,

make us hide out,

keep us apart from the world,

and from enjoying our life

It may have us

doing things we wouldn't do

if we weren't distressed,


hurtful things,

mean things,

dangerous things,

unhealthy things,

self-destructive things,

unproductive things.

You don't have to be a refugee,

or been part of the armed services

to experience the ravages of distress.

Maybe you came from a neglectful family,

or were abused,

or deeply hurt.

Maybe your head became too noisy

and you can't think clearly

and life feels hard.

Those create a lot of distress too.

Maybe there's an acronym for a diagnosis

you've been told

and you identify with  it.

Often times people think

the only answer is medication,

and sometimes that's true,

but lots of times, it's not.

the truth is

life is stressful

and anxieties build

more so for some

especially when there's frustration

cause you can't be as productive as you'd like.

Anxieties make

everything harder

(so many emojis depict  distress)

the world would be a more pleasant place

if more people knew about the Chrysalis

and how helpful it can be

The inner quiet from it

enables people to roll with Life

feel good about being alive

and experience higher functioning

What's the Connection?


There isn’t a lot about life that Isn't stressful.  

In fact, even things we like can bring us stress.


What happens to us from the stress

is what’s key.

Are we always abuzz with nervousness?

Is our head always noisy from it? 

Does our system have fluidly and know how to bounce back after stressful events and allow us to move forward?


If we’re always buzzing, it impacts our ability to think and do well; it influences our behavior and even our health.

Our stress can create an internal log jam  and go so far as to make us behave impulsively, erratically, compulsively, be explosive, have concentration and attention issues, feel fuzzy headed or depressed, fearful, obsessive or worried all the time. 


These keep us from living a real life

because we’re not present in the moments of it. 

We've become skewed and

mired in the murky waters of sub optimal functioning.


When we look for help, we may be given a diagnosis, which is simply a categorization of the symptoms observed.  


Some call distress, Anxiety.  It's at the root of many diagnosis.  The effects play out. Our  system becomes more tangled trying to circumvent the log jams of  looping patterns at the base of the symptoms, labeled behaviors and types of thoughts. 

If the looping gets interrupted, we can break those cycles which gives pause to the system. The pause gives us room to breathe and we feel more at ease.

Without the incessant driving distress & edginess,

our systems can re-regulate themselves and become more balanced, enabling us to feel lighter, clearer, more connected and aware,

more capable and expansive.

The Chrysalis provides the opportunity

to become dislodged from the incessant looping

that perpetuates distress and dysfunction.