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At times, pain is obviously visible from a wound and/or


But it can also be 

deep in a bone, muscle, joint and/or tendon.

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Photonic Stimulation is commonly used for

calming inflammation, bruises, joint & muscle pain and the SNS.

Uses continue to be discovered.  


A conservatively open mind and a willingness to experiment

often brings welcome surprises.

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Some Effects of Mito Use

shared by

Providers and Individuals  

The effects/responses described below are not a list of applications that are treatable by the Mito.  It is unknown whether these experiences will occur with others, or whether anything like them will ever occur again.  The FDA has neither reviewed nor approved the Mito, nor the effects/responses shared with us.  The list in not a claim of efficacy for these problems.  It's always best to consult with your physician.

pre Reiki:  I use the ‘Mito’ in conjunction with Reiki and this has really made a big difference to the way I conduct my sessions. The feedback I have received from my clients is that they feel more relaxed and less anxious during and after a treatment. In this regard I have found the ‘Mito’ an extremely valuable tool in recovery and prevention.

Covid (virus) support:  During the early stages of the Covid-19 outbreak,  I used it on two of my clients who presented with minor flu like symptoms. A couple of days later they were both back to perfect health with no further symptoms returning. I believe early treatment and localised treatment to the sinus and throat areas really helped speed recovery. I’m not suggesting that the ‘Mito’ cures such things as Coronavirus but based on my own personal experience and that of my clients, I do believe it helps strengthen the body’s defense against such a virus and aids in the body’s ability to recover quicker.

Rotator Cuff:  Let me share this feedback I found on my answering machine, the day after using the Mito for the first time with a 60 year old woman with rotator cuff issues: "New light therapy definitely influenced me on many levels.  I've felt more connected in what I was doing and calmer and lighter in every respect.  My shoulder feels better this morning.  I had an experience last evening - I don't know how to explain it - holy trinity, spiritual, nature swirling, love light, in touch on and off with my light being."


Shoulder Injury:  Thank you for the information. Here's the update... (shoulder injury) 

Saw orthopedist Friday - pain 7.5/10 - significant shoulder/arm movement restriction. Had X-rays & prescribed ultrasound this week. Dr. thinks there might be tears in more than one tissue. Prescribed Voltaren cream (haven't used it yet). 

My intervention Sat/Sun: Ice 20 min/every 2 hours; MITO 1x daily - 1 inch from skin, 20 secs over the whole shoulder. No negative response, not tired/wired so far. 

Monday - Resting pain 0-2/10. ROM w/o pain hugely increased. What??!!

I tore the rotator cuff on my other shoulder in a similar manner over 20 years ago. It took almost 2 years with constant physical therapy (lots of icing, too) to reduce pain and restore use. 

So, I am cautious and watchful, and, also quite stunned by speed and quality of positive changes in response to the MITO addition intervention so far.

Followup:  It's a sprain. The MM has clearly been helpful in promoting healing and repair and in pain reduction.

Bone Infection/jaw pain:  I had a bone infection in my left lower jaw; it showed on a bone scan twenty some years ago.  Medical treatment was no help.  The bone infection probably led to the root canal I had done ten years ago, and the subsequent tooth extraction last January.  (My dentist had said, had I not used the photonic stimulator on it, it would have had to come out much sooner.)   

Recently my jaw became sore in the area where the root canal had been done.  I began using the Mito.  More obvious swelling developed; it made my jaw ache more.  For two days, each evening, I spent about 5 minutes directing the Mito through my cheek at the sore area.  The initial  increase in inflammation receded, over those days, then went  away. The pain in my jaw reduced, and was noticeable only when touched.  That pain then went away as well.   


Plantar Fasciitis (?): I've also been using the Mito on foot pain; it's probably plantar fasciitis.  Two days this week I used the Mito for about 10 minutes on the bottom of my foot.  As the pain reduced, I realized my foot was quite stiff.  Late into the 2nd day, I realized both the pain and the  stiffness were gone.


(It's worth noting, this pain has been a reoccurring issue for years; it had been unresponsive to the weaker photonic stimulator, even  after 40 minutes of use.  It really drives home how much of a difference  strength can make in an IR device.)


Sore Throat: I still can't believe my sore throat went away!  I used the Mito for about 20 seconds on the throat area of my neck.  The pain and swelling completely went away! The fatigue that generally comes with a virus was also gone the next day.  It's now 3 days later.  The cold never developed. I feel my old self.  

Tendinitis & Injuries +:   I have used it for both very short periods, over eyes, over nail beds, and some Brain Sites.  I have also used it for some  musculoskeletal issues for long periods.  I.E. one minute over 5-7 adjacent spots for a very inflamed calcific tendinitis on myself.   It was certainly the most beneficial trick of many that I tried for speeding up the reduction of the inflammation.  I have tried it for arthritic joints on patients as well as other tendinitis cases and it always tends to make a difference.  In these situations I have been using it for anywhere from 30 seconds for one spot, to 2-3 minutes for multiple areas around an injury.  

Forearm/hand:  A few days ago my hand hurt, especially when I tried to grip things; the pain traveled up my forearm.  I got my Mito out before going to sleep, and spent a few minutes slowly traveling from my hand up the muscles & tendons, pausing here and there.  The next day, there was no pain - it was as if it never happened.

Cracked fingers:  I used the Mito for a couple of seconds on each finger crack, a few times over the day; the top layer sealed and were no longer sore the next morning.


Rhinovirus:  I slowly traced each sinus from midway, just above my brow, to the bridge of my nose, down the side and under my nostril.  Each side received about 10 seconds of exposure.  Then I moved it to each of my sore ears for about 4 seconds (the heat felt great) and  slowly down toward my swollen throat lymphs. The painful pressure in my ears and glands decreased significantly and my nose activity got quieter and less sore with each use over the 2 days.


Bug bites: I don't know what kind of bug bit me, but I used the Mito for a few seconds and it took the itch away.  How great is that!?  So glad I took it out and tried it! 


Kitchen burns:  I was never fond of the pain from burning myself.  For years I kept a bottle of 99% aloe vera gel under my kitchen sink. It helped, but it wasn't miraculous. 

Last year when I got a burn, I thought to try my PS3.  After a few minutes of it, I let it cool and then put it away.  The next day I was shocked to realize I hadn't blistered at all. 

Since that time, when I get a burn, I immediately stop what I’m doing and get my Mito.  It find it just takes a couple of seconds.  I love having a way to prevent that burning pain.  

Update:  The description above was with small burns from brief contact.. More recently, a larger burn area involving longer contact, and delicate skin didn't work out quite that way, (I used the Mito for too long and it added feelings of  heat.)  I thought to try my Chrysalis. I put a sensor above and below the burn, and the sizzle quieted.  The burn was there, but not awful for about an hour.  It never filled with fluid.  (The next morning, there was still redness, but there was no sensation to call attention to itself.)


"Bumped" head:  I was reaching for a package in the back of my car. (I forgot the clearance was less than it used to be now that I park in the garage.)   I used the Mito for about half a minute.  The soreness eased and I forgot all about it.  The next day, I found a fairly mild tender spot on the other side; it seemed kind of weird, but the spot seemed to be moving.  Two days after the impact, all the tender spots were gone.

Cold sore (?):  I have something remarkable to report.   I’ve had a pretty serious sore above my lip for many days.    It still looked bad last night.  I thought I might have cancer!  I used Mito for a few minutes and this morning the broken bleeding part was gone!!  (It totally healed in two or three days.) 

Canker sore:  One morning last week I woke up with a canker sore.  I used the Mito for about one second - maybe two.  The next afternoon I realized it hadn't bothered me all day because it was already gone!  

Knuckle wounds:  It's not all that surprising to realize a gouged knuckle can take a while to heal.  Fingers are in constant use, being bent or knocked, hands being washed (and dried (yikes)), dishes, etc.  My last one was fairly deep; it took some vigilance to remember to use the Mito several times each day. (I limited each time to about 5 seconds.  I saw the inflammation go down (until the next assault on it).  It took about 3 days.)

Hip Dislocation: My friend came over who dislocated her hip 4 months ago and used it; she said she could get in her car easier; she noticed the difference right away.

Achilles' tendons:  I have been using the wand daily in tiny doses. I got damaged Achilles’ tendons from taking Cipro after a ruptured  appendix. I have been using the Mito on them for 3 seconds each and I notice some relief.  It works through clothes.  

Blisters:  Yesterday I played the steel string guitar for the first time in years and, lacking callouses, developed a substantial blister on my right thumb.  First 30 sec and later 60 sec of Mito last night and today it's way better - but of course lacking a control, it's only my guess that the Mito was what did it. I'm hitting the spacebar while typing this without pain.  I don't recall blisters improving that quickly. 

Inflammation:  a patient reported significant relief from inflammation-based shoulder pain, most noticeable the day after using the MITO, as well as positive changes on a deeper ("energetic"?) level

Out of socket (?):  the popping of his thumb and the subsequent pain made him think it might have broken.  Later he realized the pop was from it getting pulled out of its socket.  He used the Mito within minutes, for a few minutes, and felt relief from the pain within a couple of hours.  The thumb never swelled.  He briefly used it again about 4 hours later and then the next morning.  Its tender, but clearly healing.

Hip pain:  I have had hip pain on and off for years.  When it  flared up recently and I used the Mito for about 10 mins each time; it would feel better, but the pain would come again.  I decided it was time (long overdue) to try following the dermatome.  I studied the chart, treated the surrounding area then more or less, followed the path, My hip has been a great deal happier since.  I subsequently used the chart for a neck/shoulder blade pain and it made a big difference there too.   

Broken hip with injured tendon:  My story is very simple.  To repair my fracture, the doctor inserted a rod down my tibia and stabilized it with pins into the hip and leg.  In order to do this, they also injured a tendon.  No matter how hard I tried, I was not making progress with my therapy.  The Physical Therapist was concerned.  She contacted the doctor.  He ordered X-rays.  The X-rays showed no damage.  I was just being a very slow healer.  At this same time, you reminded me to use the Mito.  I had my daughter bring it to me and I started using it.  Healing started to happen.  I started to be able to respond to physical therapy.  I just finished my in home therapy.  My therapist told me he was amazed at how well I was doing.  I have range of movement comparable to people who have not had a hip fracture.  I'm six weeks post surgery.  I'm not using a walker, but I do use a cane for stability.  I use Tylenol for discomfort.

Update:  I saw my surgeon today for my 6 week check up.  He commented on what a "nasty" break I had.  He was surprised to see me using a cane.  He said he expected to see me using a walker.  I guess I am exceeding everyone's expectations.

Pre Mito / Frozen Shoulder:  The PS3 was mysterious to me.  At the foundations training, I had tried one on my tight neck, but it didn't feel like anything changed.  During the Roundtables, practitioner stories of using it over the fingertips intrigued me, so I eventually bought one. 

I experimented with using it on muscles and joints, and an old ankle injury, but nothing remarkable was noticeable.  Mostly I kept it safely tucked away in the carrier it came in; it seemed fragile and I wanted to protect my investment, so I didn't leave it out.  

A couple of years ago I got scared about a sensation I had in my shoulder; it felt like  the lead up to the frozen shoulder I'd had 10 years earlier.  I got my PS3 out and used it at different angles for about an hour; bit by bit I felt the tendons relax, so I kept on.  Although it was uncomfortable to hold across my body for so long, it worked, and  I was thrilled that the pain went away and never developed into anything more.   

I have to say tho, after my experiences of using the Mito on various pains over the last several months, (muscle, hip, ankle, hand, and foot (including bunions)), I've no doubt my shoulder problem would have resolved using the Mito in 5-10 minutes, given its strength, (rather than most of an hour).

Calcium Deposits:  I used it to get rid of calcium deposits on my face, which the dermatologist said would need to be ‘cut out’ - pretty useful wellness tool.

Details:  I've had them on my thumbs before in the past, but this one was right between my nose and upper lip and looked like a big white head, but I would pick it at night unknowingly and this would make it swell and turn red. My brother is a dermatologist physician’s assistant in Las Vegas and he looked at it and said it needed to be surgically removed. 


Sinusitis:  I had been using the Mito since I got it around the holiday time until recently just once or 2x's per week, not more than six applications total on my face over my sinuses and ears for sinusitis and just moved it around about every second and a half going over areas 2x's an application and did go over the place on my upper lip. Its March now and the skin deposit is completely gone, I should have taken pictures. But if you read the two descriptions of what these could be in the link, perhaps the infra red light increased circulation and possible re-absorption of the small hard mass. It just disappeared. The skin around that area is now completely smooth.

After a fall:  I used it for the first time with a client today - and on myself and my wife a couple of times before today. My client today had fallen and landed on her right cheek and forehead; she reported feeling “tingly” and “warm” within a few seconds of beginning treatment. With the previous iteration of the PS it would typically take 3-5 minutes for any tingling or warmth to be notice.


An auspicious start!

At home:  I keep an extra Mighty Mito at home.  Its shocking how quickly it takes the sting out of an open wound.  Recently I used it after a nail bent back.  The pain was gone within seconds.   I've experienced the same speedy effect with light burns, canker sores, and the incessant itch of insect bites.  I used it on a lower lid stye - it grew, moved up and receded in 2 days.  When using it for deep pain, I find it most helpful to cover a broad area and to follow the dermatome areas shown in the manual.  

Venus Insufficiency:  I would like to order one Mito Infrared wand. My son has one and has been using it on my toes. There is great improvement. I am 92 and have Venus Insufficiency.

I know of someone with the issue I have, a reddened big toe from lack of circulation that got an infection, then gangrene and then succumbed to it. The help you offer of stemming inflammation can be vital. At age 92 I have no room for error. An aging immune system can have serious limitations.


My son, got his Mito and brought it up to me every week...which is 100 miles round trip. When I saw the improvement, I knew I needed to do it daily. 

Immunity support:  My physician claims the thymus shrinks as we age.  I began using the Mito each night for about a second on it.  It kept me from getting sick until I began some egregious eating and neglecting that daily second.  Returning to its care, I've prevented another bronchial ordeal.

post Chemo / rheumatoid symptoms: I’m just starting to implement the Mighty Mo and am seeing some very interesting results . The one most notable is a woman with damage to her left arm after chemo resulting in rheumatoid symptoms of the knuckles and nerve and muscle weakness. Knuckles at least 50% decrease in swelling and pain after 1 treatment. We were amazed.

Necrotic Leg:  I am treating a male client age 45 with Mito who is suffering from non-healing wound since last 15 years multiple grafting has been performed on him. Nothing seems to be working. I did 15 sessions we have reached the up to 15 mins. Swelling has reduced and puss stopped. Still, a long way to go he lost his memory and don't remember most of the things. He forgets whether he had his breakfast or not. No improvement in that area. Doing lens for him. Sometimes he gets irritated as well.

necrotic leg.png
Unfortunately, the time stamp on these photos 
don't provide a sense of the time line involved.
A horse's post-op Fur Regrowth...
incision on horse
post surgery horse hair regrowth

This horse's fur was shaved in preparation for surgery. (Left)  Post surgery, the Mito was used to aid the  healing of the incision. (Above) 

(Note the increased fur grown in the treated area.)