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I work with clients to help them overcome the obstacles in their lives.  Sometimes it doesn't take much, and sometimes, it takes a bit of time to unlock what is stuck, and keeping them from processing as well as they might otherwise, and of feeling as full of life as they have a right to.  


The uniqueness of each of us drives how much and how often to receive feedback. The process is an ongoing exploration, that works best as a partnership. By partnership I mean, when clients share their observations, it helps me determine how best to provide them feedback.  Once treatment is concluded, clients will find they continue to evolve, grow, adapt and become.  Some enjoy coming for booster treatments months or even years later.

Given each person's uniqueness, it would follow that each of our brain's obstacles are also unique. Even when people are given the same diagnosis, it doesn't mean the characteristics that cause the symptoms manifest in the same way, or even that the same area(s) in the brain need to be woken or healed.

All too often we think of our challenges as representative of who we are.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  We are not our challenges.  We're not even our thoughts.  We each have an essence that has nothing to do with the outside world or how we do things.  Nothing is as thrilling as being instrumental in people becoming more deeply connected to their essence, enabling them to live an authentically rich life.  


Change can be stressful for people.  Even the changes we dream of. The stressful  nature of it is one of the unique characteristics of each of us.  It takes time to integrate new ways of being with our consciousness, so it's important to be self-supportive and patient with ourselves.  


A couple years ago I had the privilege of working side-by-side with Dr. Ochs.  I watched how he met his patients where they are, listened to what their needs were, and treated them at the pacing level of their own choosing.  Change is a funny thing.  More scary for some than others. Some hold tightly to what's  not working for them.  People go farthest when they embrace the opportunity, when they're willing to let go and are open to new ways of being in their life.  It can take time to integrate feeling less anxious, to feel at ease with the new found quiet and deeper awareness. 


Nothing beats the feeling of feeling more "right" inside; it makes the hard times not really matter any more.




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While this website contains information not generally known, all of it has been acquired over my lifetime.  I am required to state however, none of this information is for treatment or diagnosis of any medical or psychiatric purpose.  It is provided for entertainment only.

Special thanks to Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent  for their wonderful whimsical sculptures in Sebastopol.

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