Chrysalis Effects

In the field


While studies of biology, physiology and anatomy show how everything "works", it doesn't address the individualized ways systems get slowed or hung up, or what drives the obstacles between their interdependence. 


We all have our humanity.

Tho, often times, people become disconnected from their essence. 

We all want to enjoy our lives and feel good and be productive. 

While we each have our differences,

what follows may give you some insight into the possibilities.

First, it's important to understand 

we recognize that these stories seem fantastical. 


They continue to be eye- popping to us as well,

even though we witness such phenomena with our own clients,

have personally experienced some,

and continue to receive stories

from the Healthcare Providers working with the Chrysalis. 

The Chrysalis is found to be an adjunct to therapy: 

clients are generally more open and  able to connect in session; 

they process traumas and stressful events, moving through areas that

had been stuck - often times, which hadn't previously not been revealed.

Therapists have seen significant developmental leaps in their clients.


Many of these stories refer to stress dissipating, of obsessive behaviors falling by the way side,  pain slipping away, enhanced self-regulation,  fears vanishing, abilities increasing, awareness levels increasing, self sabotage decreasing and true self love developing.  As the challenges faded, people often found an inexplicable and profound connection developed with the deepest part of themselves.   Here're some examples:


  • An attorney had  PTSD - after a few sessions said he felt reconnected to his soul and more at peace with the dramas of his  life.

  • An adopted child who had been hiding behind her mom stopped hiding after one session - her spirit glowed and filled the office.

  • A 90yow traumatized by the depression of the 1930s, was very capable but anxious.  She particularly became distressed each time an issue of money arose.  While she was gaining relief from her sciatic pain, her life long angst (of money) also dissipated.

  • A man in his mid 70s continues to peel back the layers and is thrilled that his essential tremor stops for increasingly longer lengths of time.

  • Multiple times/day a young woman weighed herself.  One week she came to her session and said, she hadn't weighed herself all week.  Hadn't even thought to.

  • Pain from a neuroma dissipated by 95% after the first session; the neuroma itself later dissipated and the artist subsequently had a much longed for creative breakthrough.  

  • A 40+yow had had knee replacement surgery - she gained more mobility.

  • Knots in a 40+yow with MS would dissipate.  She said the pain relief she got was better than from her medications, although her pain resumed after 2 days.  Her location limited her Chrysalis session opportunities  and she was unable to determine whether she could get ahead of the pain and be a viable option. 

  • A woman in her 30s with neuropathy gained sensations in her feet and toes.

  • A surprising anomaly shared by a middle aged woman who no longer lives through a cloud of stress discovered  that her befuddlement while pairing socks, disappeared.  She no longer finds their position to one another disorienting and marvels as she pairs them without the slightest pause.  She's enjoying the growing sense of lightness in her heart. 

  • A man who had been frozen about decision making realized one session, he could just go forward and make decisions.

  • A woman in her 60s had struggled with concentration her whole life.  She experiences being more capable, able to manage, carry and juggle larger loads then she ever imagined.  Her system got quieter, she stopped being easily irritated, her hyper sensory sensitivities diminished.  She noticed her tear duct secretions righted themselves and her itchy ears and wax production had stopped.  Her residual pain from years-old sprained ankles vanished; her chronically achy feet stopped aching; her hip and the joints in her hands and wrists are no longer painful;  the liver spots that had begun to proliferate stopped and are no longer apparent; the oldest ones have become faint.  The woman who cuts her hair says it's getting darker.  She stopped picking at her cuticles and the urge to eat sweets is gone. She feels more at ease and balanced.

  • An athletic adolescent boy had been having knee pain which was  slowing him down and irritating his team mates.  He experienced relief after his Chrysalis session, which was then put to the test 2 days later when he sailed through a basketball game without pain.

  • A 63yow has had intermittent intense pain from a childhood accident where her fingers had been smashed in a door.  After one of her Chrysalis sessions, there was a particularly intense flareup.  Each time it came after that, the intensity was less and the duration of it became briefer too; the intervals in between became longer until they all but stopped.  (Occasionally she gets a very brief whiff of what used to be.)  Other than that, she loves the clarity and vitality the Chrysalis has brought to her life.

  • An eye that had been intermittently weepy for 9 months has almost completely stopped. A doctor had said the tears were a compensation for blocked ducts of one of the more oily secretions.  That same eye the lid had become noticeably droopier than the other over the prior couple of years.  It no longer is.

  • A late 60s woman’s was told she was pre-diabetic. At her 6 month follow-up her tests indicated normal. (She said she had not made any intentional changes altho had become aware of not being as inclined to have sweets at night.)

  • A 50+ man had been diagnosed with early signs of glaucoma. On his followup the doctor concluded the “drops” were working, as the eye pressure reading showed normal. (He was not using the eye drops.)

  • A young man’s vision had become pixilated after taking drugs as a teen.  His vision cleared up.

  • A 15yo soccer player was struggling with mental fatigue and memory.  They are no longer a problem.

  • Major losses - of lifelong personal challenges: shyness, existential angst, vigilance (of things being just so), fear of destitution, angst of strangers. 


we hear of 

people becoming more energized and focused, more relaxed and less anxious, experiencing a new found quiet in their head that was previously noisy,

having improvements in their cognition, feeling more clarity, more awareness,  relief from joint and muscle pains and spasms, improvements in ROM, headaches and migraines dissipating, sleep improvements, feelings of heartache lifting, digestive distress  calmed, chronic sinus drip quieted, sore throats and coughs relieved, knots in backs and  necks loosened,

anxiety stuck in the chest and the belly lifted,

clearer senses of boundaries developed as well as

deeper levels of consciousness.

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