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simpler to work with 

more effective

  • setup takes moments

  • feedback is often quite brief

  • clients may engage during feedback (eyes open - no concentration)

  • NO obstacles from EEG:

       no gel or paste

       no electrical impedance           no electrical interference

  • the device is small, light & easy to transport

  • modern technology uses skin temperature sensors

  • BLE communication between iPad/iPhone application and device

  • more effective, more convenient, less costly​

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is the 4th generation LENS system,

less the eeg hassles. 

For  35 years LENS systems have  been improving people's lives,



surpasses past benefits.

Providers find clients 

more profoundly 

overcoming the obstacles in their lives.


They gain inner quiet;

the quiet leads to clarity;

their system is able to re-regulate.


They also like

that it's simpler to work with

and it doesn't use up session time. 

Chrysalis is considered a Health and Wellness system. Nearly everyone has had a reduction, or elimination of challenging symptoms; they claim they like how they feel better than from the previous EEG system.

For some people the shifts experienced occur quickly and then continue to aid the person's personal expansion.   For others, it can take time for their system to settle, to re-regulate and for their awareness to increase. How the feedback is metabolized is one of the ways our uniqueness plays out.

For some, "changes" are too subtle for them to recognize.  Our changes are indicative about who we already are.  Somewhere inside, the feelings are familiar, which can keep them from standing out.  Journaling helps the process of self recognition, especially when it begins before Chrysalis use does.  What we write provides valuable comparatives about how far we've come; To be reminded of what used to be hard that isn't any longer.   

Some challenges are more obvious to the people in our lives than it is to ourselves.  Others tend to notice we're less stressed, more easy going, lighter, more focused and clear.

Clients are encouraged to address their nutrition.  After all, deficiencies are deficiencies, and   toxins are toxins. Nourishing ourselves supports what the physiology  is designed to do and aids the sustainability of the gains experienced as our system rights itself. 


People commonly experience feeling lighter, less stressed, gaining more awareness, and a deep authentic connection to themselves selves and to others. Their new found inner "home" presides over what had been  stifled by fear, and missing  from their life.


We named our New generation

of The LENS to represent the  transformational effects

it brings to people's lives.  

Just as A caterpillar transforms

into a butterfly from inside a chrysalis, 

our Chrysalis provides people the opportunity to transform their lives


The CHRYSALIS opens the door

The opportunity to transform one's life is both profound in the choosing and in the undertaking.  


For some people that means getting "back" their life after some event(s) disrupted it; to others it means opening a door, or doors, to a life they only dreamed of. And for others, their dreams hadn't even stretch that far.

There is a core self we each have. It has nothing to do with anyone else, or what we do with our time, or what we think or feel or even like. 

Our core self is our essence.

Our essence is our birthright

live for the mere joy of it.

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What Providers Find

Use of the  Chrysalis in therapy helps clients  feel safe and wanting to connect.

A trauma specialist associates these effects with the ventral vagal state

They find Clients are

more open and

able to process traumas

and stressful events

after Chrysalis feedback.


When clients have pain

or are holding tension,

addressing it first, using Chrysalis, helps them be more present for their session.

The benefit from the "Relaxation Response"

aids the productivity of sessions. 

Clients move through stuck areas more readily and have  significant developmental leaps. 

Some of the descriptions: clients become lighter, empowered

gain more confidence  


claim to like the way they feel from Chrysalis.

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