barely open sunflower
green chrysalis hanging from branch

The book written by the physician Spencer Johnson, titled

"Who Moved My Cheese", is about adapting to changes around us and inside us, and the disconcerting aspects that arise for some of us.  


While we all know nothing stays static, sometimes we wish they would.  Sometimes we just want the world to stop.  When we feel like that though, its driven by anxiety, and though we may want to hide in a quiet closet, we know its actually change that we need


When our anxiety releases, sometimes things change more quickly than we expected or are ready for.  Even if we didn't like the way things were before, they somehow felt like they were a part of us, and odd as it is, we may miss them when they're gone, until we adapt to their absence.



Adapting to changes requires self-patience, perspective and support while we integrate the changes into our lives, so that we may live richer fuller lives.


Challenging as it is at times, there's also beauty in our transitions of emerging spirit, just as in nature:  the brightness and rays of light and shadows as the sun moves across the sky, the cloud formations shifting with the wind, the caterpillar that morphs into a chrysalis and then a butterfly, the buds that become flowers, the flowers that become fruit, the ripples on a lake, eddies in a stream, and waves of the ocean.  There's a constant flow of change all around us, even in southern California.  The goal is to flow with it and take pleasure in it. 


When our stream of anxieties quiet, the calm enable us to enjoy the ever shifting ground.  After all, it's all part of the circle of life, and this is our life.

One of the most unusual benefits of the Chrysalis is the awakened feeling of being connected to our self and from there, we are propelled to move forward in life, whatever the obstacles.

bright sunlit sunflowers
sweet pink spring tree blossoms

Life is balance of holding on and letting go.   Rumi

mixed spring flowers
mixed spring flowers
inspired blue sky with white clouds
mixed spring flowers
mixed spring flowers
purple flowrs with cream butterfly