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You received your Foundations Training;

you've been providing treatments with the LENS;

perhaps you've even taken an intermediate class.

Still, you find yourself mystified

about what you're doing and

what it all means....

That would make sense.

If you want to understand the mysteries,

go to the source.

The deeper aspects of the LENS and

developing the skills of

what to do when,

go far beyond

a client's level of 

"sensitivity", "reactivity" and "hardiness", and

which settings to use.  

Dr. Ochs'

knows his system inside out;

his understanding keeps expanding;

his breath of clinical experience with the LENS

(the past 35 year), coupled with

his unique skills, 

his decades as a psychologist, and 

his breath of knowledge and life experiences,

make him uniquely qualified to help you

understand the mysteries of using his system.



Are you ready

to gain a deeper understanding of

what your're working with,

enhance your practice and

simplify treatments? 


Join other passionate practitioners,


meet and experience

Len's next generation system

the Chrysalis!

(Can it really be this easy?!)

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Dr. Ochs has coalesced and synthesized his knowledge. Not only has his understanding of the system and its effects, emerged and evolved over the years, the depth of recognition of its magic, has become clear.

The more practitioners understand about what they're working with, the more likely the LENS will find a real place in the world, and  reach those who need it. 


He would like to close the ever widening gap between what there is to know about the LENS, and what the practitioners have been trained to understand.   

If you're a practitioner who doesn't know Dr. Ochs,

you've missed out!  

He welcomes those of you who feel ready to propel yourselves forward, to gain deeper understanding of the what's and how's of his system, and gain more efficacy in its use to enhance the lives of your clients.

In the Advanced Trainings, the Chrysalis too becomes apart of the discussion.  The deeper concepts of the LENS flow forward into working with the Chrysalis, which takes advantage of the simplicity even more so.

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While this website contains information not generally known, all of it has been acquired over my lifetime.  I am required to state however, none of this information is for treatment or diagnosis of any medical or psychiatric purpose.  It is provided for entertainment only.

Special thanks to Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent  for their wonderful whimsical sculptures in Sebastopol.

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