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What is


Chrysalis ?

The Chrysalis is
Dr. Len Ochs' 4th generation
NeuroVascular feedback system.
The feedback enables the restoration of one's
compromised functioning
and the expansion of their awareness and consciousness.
The Chrysalis feedback provides the opportunity for people to become free from
the effects of past 
(both Physical & Emotional)
When the effects lose their grip, 
the noise in our heads quiets.
We stop feeling anxious
and fearful.
We find ourselves focusing and concentrating effortlessly.
We stop avoiding, circumventing, procrastinating. 
We no longer need to, 
because those things we hadn't been doing, are no longer
too hard.
 We see the world and ourselves with deeper clarity.
We become more vital.

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“Not everything

that counts

can be



and not everything

that can be counted counts.”


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Einstein's favorite )

How do those effects interrelate?
Traumas create blocks in our systems;
blocks obstruct connectivity within and between them.
- Obstructed connections create dysfunctions -
The Chrysalis relieves the obstructions.

The Chrysalis,

enhances the quality of life.


35 years after the first LENS system,

this 4th generation is

quicker, simpler, and yields more resonant effects as

people become more connected to their inner selves.


  • The Chrysalis makes use of electrically quieter technology than the prior generations. 

  • The system is small, portable, free of gels and paste and simpler for Practitioners to work with. 

  • The implementation and effects are more straightforward.

  • Its effects reach people more quickly and more deeply,

  • People feel quieter and more engaged in whatever they do.

  • People's awareness of themselves and the world around them increases and deepens.

  • The Chrysalis connects people to their core self.  

  • People continue to  evolve after treatment ends.  

My systems employ a different paradigm...

Over the years, I've heard many LENS practitioners say, clients come to them last, after they've tried everything else. The "everything else" often includes standard neurofeedback which uses operant conditioning (OC) techniques rooted in the philosophy that "functional" physiology can be addressed directly to evoke change. 

Unlike OC's functional physiology approach,

the focus of my systems are on "repair" physiology.

Disrepair creates dysfunctions.

My systems give the brain

the chance to correct and heal itself

as only it 

can know what repair it needs,

to make to function more effectively


Generally the obstacles a person struggles with 

are not "malfunctions"  of the "functional" areas of the brain.

The obstacles are due to areas in need of repair

that are blocking the

connectivity to 

the functional  areas!


Brain challenges tend to be rooted in “looping” patterns. 

The brain can be thought of as “stuck” when the range of connectivity is compromised.  Its activity is, in a sense, stuck in cordoned off isolated eddies. 

Some people will notice an effect of this as ruminating

Their thoughts loop around, rather than progressing forward. 

This is a sign of compromised functioning,

of being less functionally capable.

An extreme example of looping is obsessiveness


"stuck-ness" plays out in moods and pain too

When cells are clustered and stuck in an altered state such as a bruise, they are not integrated with the whole system.  (When circulation is poor, it can take a while for a black & blue mark to dissipate, especially in those areas farthest from the heart.)


We also see examples when the natural flow of nutrients in and waste out is disrupted and inflammation takes up residence, as pain and swelling, or we become ill from the stagnation.  We see this from unwelcome toxins and microbes becoming stuck.  

the feeling of true freedom...


If you grew up in the country and know what it’s like to be able to go outside and run seemingly forever without fences or cars to interrupt your glee, you’ve known the feeling of true freedom. 


When our brains don’t have that kind of freedom, the ability to run freely and make necessary and new connections, they can’t function at their best.  There are  walls and dead ends like the mazes in children's books, creating unrelenting boundaries that force  a person's functions into a tighter range, not unlike an angry dog chained up in a yard. 


Simply, when our brains loop, 

our thinking and functionality are restrained,

and we can become fearful, anxious and compromised.

so how about regular neurofeedback??

Operant Conditioning (OC) is the standard form of neurofeedback; it has been well funded and is the type most known.  Treatment generally takes many months before any changes are noticed, and many more months before there’s “completion”. 


While people notice some improvements in some functioning, something tends to remains out of reach – they don’t quite feel themselves.   Depending on how perceptive they are, and what their brain was conditioned to do, they may experience a kind of haziness comparable to the fog of suppressive medications.  

The haze comes from the process that quiets overactive parts of the brain.  While the quieting may help with some functionality, it doesn’t address what causes the brain's over activity.  Putting the lid on over- activity can create inner tension. (The image of an angry constrained bull waiting to come out of its pen, comes to mind - of course, that's an extreme image, but the point remains.)

"Functionality" aside, the conditioning, the “corrections” if you will, are not generally integrated with the core of the person and it can leave people grappling with less than a full and meaningful sense of them self.  Often times these people show up at my door because someone  told them about the LENS, and more recently, the Chrysalis.

The Chrysalis enables the brain to become liberated

to do what it was designed to do.

Treatment doesn’t involve or insist on any particular way

of being or functioning.


Instead, the feedback itself is based in real time,

enabling the person's entire system to calm

and step forth from its dysfunctional looping patterns.

For the client, it is a passive process.

Real time feedback is a characteristic of the actual in-the-moment state

of the client, such that the feedback itself is directly relational to them.

An example of why a focus on functional physiology

may not be the solution:


One cannot assume that because a brain’s area of speech, is not doing its job,

that the fault lies in that physiologically defined area of the brain. 

Perhaps the connectivity to that area has been compromised

and it only needs to be reestablished.

Much like a traffic jam.  The problem does not lie in the congestion itself,

(other than our annoyance of it)

but on what has caused the backup several miles ahead.



We all know how conditioned to repetition we can become

It becomes obvious when we arrive at a destination without remembering how we got there, if we’ve only been subliminally involved with the drive itself.  (Of course we feel grateful to arrived without incident, given that we were lost in thought, but it is a bit disturbing none-the-less.) 

If you imagine walking down a flight of stairs...  

Each stair is perfectly spaced in height and spacing one from the other. Generally we step from one to the next without giving much thought to what we're doing, unless we are challenged. (Such as  from a sore toe, foot, ankle, leg, back, or are challenged by large motor activities, or are confused, etc) 


Imagine the ease with which you would descend such a staircase, and then when you step off the last step, you realize its slightly shorter. A subtle ripple may pass through you and give you a moment’s pause.  

If you have not been rushing along, and not so lost in thought, that the change in the rhythm you had gathered from the consistent step sizing, you may notice an interruption of sorts as you come off that final step.  You may find yourself experiencing a kind of surprise; a kind of slightly disorienting:  oh!?

Generally when there’s an interruption in our looping,

we experience it as a relief. 

When the noise in our heads quiets, people begin to feel more in touch with themselves. 

They can hear their own thoughts and notice what they feel.   

A sense of ease is experienced.

Perhaps for the first time in their lives. 

The ease stretches from that inner being place and

with it a new found sense of the world around them. 

This leads people to function at a higher level and it continues to deepen.

"The most beautiful experience

we can have

is the mysterious.

It is the fundamental emotion that stands

at the cradle


true art and

true science.


Whoever does not know it

and can

no longer wonder,

no longer marvel,

is as good as


and his eyes are dimmed."

Albert Einstein

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