Len Ochs is an internationally recognized innovator
of unique approaches to helping people.
After rocking the world for nearly 4 decades,
his newest feedback system
has exceeded his dreams. 
Clients find inner quiet and move beyond their obstacles;
what had gripped their lives, softens.
Moods elevates, clarity expands, productivity increases, pain reduces,
and a deep connection with their core selves develops.
Providers find clients
"go farther" with Chrysalis.
They observe more profound, deeper and broader shifts in their lives.
They also appreciate the simplified interface;
it enables session time to be spent engaged with their clients.
Some recognize the shift of the autonomic nervous system
into the ventral vagal state
 (referred to by Steven Porges' Polyvagal theory). 
Dysregulation goes beyond the nervous system...
there's nothing like witnessing a client's relief,
when they feel released from the traumas
that had taken hold of their life